Last year’s success and great vibe made us hungry for more! Terre Haute is back for a new edition. The culinary journey will take place on September 4th in Verbier!


Jérôme Henry, passionate and engaged chef extraordinaire will prepare a delicious vegetarian menu. Each ingredient is chosen with great care and respect for the environment. The meal is cooked on a zero waste principle, meaning each product will be used to the fullest. Jérôme will make you discover Valais’ and Switzerland’s flavours in a way you have never experienced them before ! 

Terre Haute is not only a meal in an astonishing setting. It’s also a collective reflection inviting you to explore solutions to the climate crisis through your plate. Yes, eating well is part of the solution! Just like last year, a surprise expert will join us to share his/her vision of what a regenerative future looks like. 


The tickets will go on sale on June 21st but the journey has already started on our social media channels. We will take you behind the scenes of the event and you will get to know our amazing partners who will make this year’s edition something quite special ! Follow us here for more updates or subscribe to our newsletter


We look forward to welcoming you! 


*The event is organised in a Covid-friendly manner and will be moved inside in case of bad weather.

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Tasteful, healthy and clean products

Terre Haute’s main purpose is to make you discover what it means to eat regeneratively (without making any compromises on taste, on the contrary!). All products are chosen with great care from producers in the region.

A passionate and meticulous chef 

Jérôme enchanted us with his explosion of flavours last year. He has promised to do the same this year.


He is putting together a three course menu and a few surprises. Your taste buds will not be disappointed, we promise!

Jewels from the region

Three valleys, three Dranses, a demanding alpine setting : the specificities of the Grand Entremont region. A unique terroir in Valais that gives life to exceptional products, crafted by the knowledge of passionate producers. 


The cheese, the aromatic plants and the honey included in the menu are all made by local craftsmen & women. 


Exciting local wines 

Benoît Dorsaz’ elegant wines fit perfectly to the menu and made the experience even more special. The collaboration with Maryline and Benoît is dear to us and we look forward to join forces again in the future! 

This year, another wine producer (rumour has it it's a woman this time!) will share her passion for the profession and her wines with us!